There are several conflicts of interest inherent in the way the charter revision questions have been formulated.

  • The suggested extension of the Mayor’s term to four years will be on the ballot at the next municipal election to be held in November 2017. An impartial recommendation would have put this question out to 2019, where it could not definitely apply to the incumbent office-holder.
  • Setting the councilmembers’ compensation at a percentage of the Mayor’s compensation and removing it from the charter itself is a conflict, because the councilmembers set the Mayor’s compensation, and would therefore be giving themselves a raise each time they voted to do so for the Mayor. In addition, it removes the consent from the citizens of Norwalk (who vote on charter changes) and moves it to the council.

In addition, there are conflicts with the process itself. The Mayor, who stands to benefit from the extension of his term, is directly advocating for passage of the referenda by writing this letter in support of this PAC.