Just take a look at the many controversial issues that have cropped up in Norwalk over the last few years. Many of them stem from poor organization or coordination of departments, and sometimes from a lack of clear accountability.

A comprehensive look at areas driving these issues in the Charter would likely produce better government and a better quality of life for businesses and residents in Norwalk.

District A   POKO Partners
District B   95/7 – SoNo Collection (The Mall)
District B   Federal Prisoner Housing on Quintard Avenue
District B   Walk Bridge Replacement
District C   Walk Bridge Replacement
District C   East Avenue Widening/Lowering
District D   B.J.’s Warehouse
District D   White Barn Theatre
District D   Zip Line in Cranbury Park
District E   Mosque
District E   Oak Hills Driving Range
District E   Overbuilding on Nearwater Road