• 1-484. Authorization to establish park at or near Calf Pasture Beach.

(Sp. Laws 1917, No. 423, § 1.)

The City of Norwalk is authorized to establish and create a public park on the east side of Norwalk Harbor at and near Calf Pasture Beach; bounded northerly about 2,130′ by the land of estates of J. Raymond Marvin and William E. Marvin and a public highway running in a general easterly and westerly direction, and easterly and southeasterly, southerly and westerly by the waters of Long Island Sound and Norwalk Harbor.

  • 1-485. Calf Pasture Beach; rights of state.

(Sp. Laws 1917, No. 423, § 2.)

The State of Connecticut grants to the City of Norwalk and its successors, all right, title and interest which the state has or may have in and to the beaches, sedge flats and marshlands located within the above boundaries for the aforesaid public park purposes in perpetuity, and said city is authorized to build and maintain a sea wall or walls, a boat landing or landings or dock or docks between high and low water mark in front of and adjoining the above described tract and to fill in and grade the space within the walls as it may deem expedient; and the spaces so filled in as aforesaid are granted to said city and its successors for such park purposes, provided the sea walls and boat landings and docks authorized shall be so constructed as not to interfere with or impair navigation.

  • 1-486. Calf Pasture Beach; eminent domain.

(Sp. Laws 1917, No. 423, § 3.)

Such park and the establishment thereof is declared to be of public convenience and necessity. In case the City of Norwalk cannot agree with any or all of the claimants, possessors or owners of land within the limits of the layout of the park, it may take such interest in the land required for such park as the claimants to the same, the possessors or owners may have in the manner provided by Sections 4109 and 4110 of the General Statutes, as amended by Chapter 311 of the Public Acts of 1915, for the taking of land for a town house or hall.

  • 1-487. Calf Pasture Beach; compensation.

(Sp. Laws 1917, No. 423, § 4.)

The city may take the land within the above described boundaries for park purposes upon paying to the owners, possessors or claimants thereof just compensation for their lawful interest therein.

  • 1-488. Calf Pasture Beach; Commencement and condemnation.

(Sp. Laws 1917, No. 423, § 5; Sp. Laws 1921, No. 131.)

No land or interest therein above high water mark shall be taken under §§ 1-484 to 1-488, without the consent of the owner, claimant or possessor thereof, unless condemnation proceedings are commenced by virtue of this act on or before June 1, 1923.